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A once in a lifetime journey:

All of us have been thru journeys - big or small. However there is one phrase we use for those journeys that are unforgettable or more exciting than the others. A once in a lifetime journey.

I travelled solo on my motorcycle for 19,250 kms over 81 days in my once in a lifetime journey across India covering 27 states, 5 union territories, 5 international borders as well as crossing into Bhutan. Travelling thru myriad landscapes ranging from icy mountains to barren deserts, mighty rivers to wild forests, mesmerising architecture to serene lakes, historic locations to UNESCO world heritage sites, spiritual places to spectacular coastlines - this journey was a heady concoction of everything.

I met people from varied backgrounds, ate local cuisine, experienced the local culture, stayed with families and experienced their way of life first hand and had conversations on subjects ranging from neighbourhood issues to space exploration. This journey has truly opened my eyes to a world beyond what I knew existed. It also did come with its own share of challenges to near death experience, however determination and humanity won at the end. There were times when I wanted to give up, especially when tragedy struck on the personal front, but just kept going. Thanks to those few people who egged me on. I learnt more about myself in this voyage than anything else and I truly believe travel is the best teacher. Now, I firmly stand by it.

Despite travelling so much, I’ve barely scratched the surface of India. One lifetime is not enough to see or experience this beautiful land.

Over the next few days (or weeks), I’ll be sharing my experiences thru posts and pictures and relive this wonderful journey with you.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

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